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Welcome to Urbandac's exclusive collection of Paradigm speakers, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled audio performance. Paradigm has been setting the gold standard in speaker innovation for decades, offering a range of products that are as versatile as they are exceptional. At Urbandac, we're proud to extend this legacy by providing you with a carefully curated selection of Paradigm speakers, each designed to elevate your auditory experience to new heights. With our 25 years of industry expertise and a commitment to delivering only the best, you're not just investing in a speaker—you're investing in a lifetime of extraordinary sound.

Introduction to Paradigm Speakers at UrbanDAC

Founded in 1982, Paradigm has been setting new standards in high-fidelity audio for nearly four decades. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Paradigm speakers are the epitome of superior sound engineering. They have become the go-to choice for audiophiles not just globally but also in Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Gurgaon.

Paradigm has been able to hold on to its position in the speaker industry as it has always met the demands of high-quality audio equipment successfully by integrating the latest technology and innovative ideas periodically and regularly. Paradigm is a Canada based company founded in the year 1982 by its co-founders Scott Bagby and Jerry VanderMarel. Products are available in fifty-five countries of the world and it has set up headquarters base outside Toronto in Canada, where all its products are crafted, engineered and designed. Paradigm is a favorite speaker brand amongst audio freaks as it offers several variants with thrilling dynamics, powerful bass, and accurate speaker design. Some of its most important products include MONITOR SE, Décor Custom Collection, PERSONA Series, DEFIANCE Series, Persona Series, and PREMIER Series.

Discover the Paradigm Speaker Series

Paradigm offers a variety of speaker series to cater to different audio needs and preferences. Each series is a masterpiece in its own right, offering unique features and benefits.

  • Founder Series

    The Founder Series is the epitome of Paradigm's engineering excellence, offering unparalleled sound quality and innovative design. Ideal for those who seek nothing but the best.

  • Monitor Series

    Known for its versatility, the Monitor Series offers exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned audiophiles.

  • Premier Series

    Designed for those who demand superior performance, the Premier Series offers a blend of aesthetic beauty and acoustic precision.

  • Persona Series

    The Persona Series is Paradigm's flagship line, designed for those who seek an unmatched audio experience. It's the ultimate choice for discerning audiophiles.

Categories of Paradigm Speakers

Paradigm offers a wide range of speaker categories to suit various needs and room sizes. Whether you're setting up a home theater or looking for a compact audio solution, we've got you covered.

  • Bookshelf Speakers

    Compact yet powerful, Paradigm's range of bookshelf speakers are perfect for smaller rooms. They offer an immersive audio experience without taking up much space.

  • Floorstanding Speakers

    For those who want a full-range audio experience, Paradigm's floorstanding speakers are the way to go. They are ideal for larger rooms and offer exceptional sound quality.

  • Center Channel Speakers

    Enhance your home theater setup with a high-quality center channel speaker from Paradigm. Designed for clarity and precision, these speakers make dialogues and vocals stand out.

  • Subwoofers

    Experience deep, rich bass with Paradigm's range of subwoofers. Engineered for optimal low-frequency performance, these subwoofers add depth to your audio experience.

  • Soundbars

    Looking for a sleek and simple audio solution? Paradigm soundbars offer high-quality sound output in a compact design, making them perfect for smaller rooms or for those who prefer a minimalist setup.

Why Choose Paradigm Speakers?

When it comes to high-fidelity audio, Paradigm stands out for several reasons:

  • Superior Sound Quality

    Engineered with precision, Paradigm speakers offer unmatched sound quality. Each speaker is designed to provide a balanced and detailed audio output, making every listening session an experience to remember.

  • Innovative Design

    Paradigm speakers are not just about sound; they are also a visual treat. With sleek designs and high-quality materials, they add a touch of elegance to your living space.

  • Wide Range of Products

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned audiophile, Paradigm has something for everyone. With a wide range of products, you can easily find a speaker that suits your needs and budget.

  • Popular in Cities

    Paradigm speakers are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for audiophiles in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Gurgaon. Their growing popularity is a testament to their quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets Paradigm speakers apart from other brands?
Paradigm speakers are known for their exceptional sound quality, innovative design, and wide range of products. They offer a unique blend of performance and aesthetics, making them a top choice for audiophiles.
How do I choose the right Paradigm speaker for my needs?
Choosing the right Paradigm speaker depends on various factors such as room size, audio preferences, and budget. Our experts at UrbanDAC can guide you through the selection process to ensure you make an informed decision.
What is Paradigm's warranty policy?
Paradigm offers a comprehensive warranty on all its products, covering manufacturing defects and performance issues. For more details, please contact our customer service.
How do I set up my Paradigm speakers?
Setting up Paradigm speakers is a straightforward process. However, if you encounter any difficulties, our customer support team is always here to assist you.
Can Paradigm speakers be integrated into a multi-brand audio system?
Yes, Paradigm speakers are versatile and can be integrated with other high-quality audio components.
Q: How do I connect my paradigm speakers to a wireless network?
A: You can do that via app and once you have downloaded and installed the Play-Fi app on your device (phone/tablet/computer) you will then need to connect your paradigm speaker to the network.
Q: What should be correct placement for paradigm speakers?
A: Well depending on the type whether it is floor standing, bookshelf or centre channel paradigm speaker you can place it at different locations but for the most accurate and natural timbre, place front speakers so that their high-frequency drivers are approximately at ear level.
Q: What amplifier is recommended for my Paradigm speakers?
A: Choosing an amplifier always select an amplifier with a power rating greater than that of the speaker. Using a 100 watt per channel amplifier on a 50 watt speaker allows the amplifier adequate headroom in order to provide a distortion free signal.
Q: How do I clean a paradigm speaker?
A: Paradigm speakers have a durable premium finish so to clean, use a damp lint free cloth, do not use a strong or abrasive cleaner, also avoid getting any part of the speaker system wet.
Q: What streaming services are available with a paradigm speaker?
A: You can choose streaming from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC, with a wide range of connectivity options along with some streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Napster and many more depending on the region.
Q: How do I stream music from my computer?
A: To stream music on your paradigm speaker you must download the Play-Fi PC app from the DTS website and once it is installed you will be able to select a PW device and stream music easily.
Q: Can I connect a USB drive to a paradigm speaker?
A: No, you cannot connect a USB drive as USB on the back of your product is for firmware updates.

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"I've been an audiophile for years, and Paradigm speakers from UrbanDAC have taken my experience to a whole new level. The sound quality is unparalleled, and the build quality is exceptional."

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