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Urban Dac offers one of the most exclusive one stop solution for an eccentric and innovative home theatre design. Home Theatre designs is the flagship service of Urban Dac and our team is ready to cater the elite brood with a diversified portfolio. We are pleased to provide our clients with deluxe and superior quality home theatre designs. Home theatre’s have certain prerequisites to facilitate a world-class cinematic experience. Urban Dac is geared up to host you with the most punctual, innovative and budget-friendly solutions.

Urban Dac Home Theatre Designs - Urban Dac is one of the greatest customer-centric service company that offers opulent home theatre designs. As an affluent agency, UrbanDac assures the most optimum and professional quality home theatre to lighten up your homely entertainment.

Catalogue - Urban Dac has its own set of diversified and deluxe home theatre designs that covers all the brands out of which a customer can choose according to his need and budget.

Installation - Urban Dac not only offers a lushing design but also offers a quick delivery and installation. We have certified professional technicians who will deliver a quality service from scratch including placement of all accessories and ideal wire management.

Acoustic & Sound Proofing - Urban Dac is renowned for its innovative mindset and to harmonize the external environment. Our team provides a sound-proofing home theatre design that will be catered to you specifically by our bunch of expert sound and electrical engineers.

Automation - The world is rapidly transforming and automation is evolved in every field. Urban Dac offers automation in the home theatre designs that simply makes it a sumptuous home theatre designs provider. Urban Dac is also the leading   wireless streaming provider at your home theatre’s.


Exclusive Audio-Visual Devices - Urban Dac ensures that is your home theatre is graced with the top-quality audio and visual devices. Our team will install premium home theatre devices according to your needs. Urban Dac covers all top stereo brands including Bose, Marantz and quality projector systems.

Finest Wire Management - Urban Dac is encased to provide the finest quality wire management services that will ensure a smooth cinematic experience. Our team will choose the best quality wires that includes pure copper oxidized and gold plated HDMI cables suiting to your home theatre needs.


Premium Brand Covered - Urban Dac covers all the brands required for the setup of home theatre’s including viewsonic  Projectors, Anthem Rotel McIntosh Marantz AV Receiver etc.

Quick and Eloquent Delivery - Urban Dac assures a quick delivery of every system prerequisite with it’s versatile logistics and plausible setup and installation.

Innovation and Cost Effective - Urban Dac focuses on research and development to build innovative solutions and create cost effective solutions for our customers. 

So get ready for a hassle-free experience and join us with the Urban Dac home theatre designs for a novel experience.


Home Theatre Design

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We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

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We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

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We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

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We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

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Since 1998 Electronic Services were driven, We do services repair installation wire management, home theatre design soundproofing, Automation sales, and exchange premium brand audio' video system ( Stereo amplifier, AVR, speaker, subwoofer, projector, projector lamp, projector screen, 4k HDMI cable, speaker wire, projector stand, speaker stand, etc. ) Complete solution hi end audio visual under on roof.

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